Southampton parkrun


Southampton parkrun is one of the the largest parkruns in the UK, with an average attendance of 661 finishers. It takes place on Southampton Common, around a mile from the centre of Southampton. It is easily reached by public transport or by car. There is plenty of parking along the roads around the common.

Start of Southampton parkrun
Start of Southampton parkrun


There is a cafe near the start (The Hawthorns Centre) which apparently has toilets. When we visited, it was closed. A search for alternative facilities proved fruitless (I was told there were toilets in a nearby pub, but that was closed too). I ended up having to pee in a very well frequented copse and nearly missed the start. Hence, a distinct lack of photographs, just the one above of the race almost starting without me.


The course is a rather complicated combination of clockwise and anti-clockwise loops of varying sizes around the common. To confuse matters further, the start and finish are in different places.

Southampton parkrun Strava segment


The consists mainly of tarmac paths, although the large number of people, dogs and pushchairs creates significant congestion. It is, however, mainly flat.


Run Britain Rankings for UK parkruns place Southampton as the 98th fastest out of a total of 706. The Course has a total elevation of 52 metres.

Fun Factor

A bit complicated and too congested for my liking. Not one of my favourites. As the cafe was closed, we left immediately after the finish. My favourite part was the drive home through the New Forest.

New Forest rainbow
New Forest rainbow

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