Eastleigh Parkrun Guide

Eastleigh parkrun takes place on Saturdays in Eastleigh at Fleming Park Old Golf Course; an area of grassland at the back of the Places Leisure Eastleigh football fields next to the Pavilion On The Park.

Getting There

Eastleigh is 5 miles north of Southampton. Fleming Park is easily accessible by car as it’s just off Junction 13 of the M3. It is about a mile from Eastleigh Station. Buses X4 (from Southampton) and 2 Bluestar (from Eastleigh) stop around a 10 minute walk from the Leisure Centre.


There is a large free car park at Places Leisure Centre and a small free car park at the Pavilion On The Park.


There are toilets at The Blackbird Café, next to the start (café and toilets open at 8.30).


The course consists of almost three, I’m going to call them squishy loops, of a playing field.

Eastleigh parkrun Strava Segment
Eastleigh parkrun Strava Segment


The course is mainly flat with an undulating section. There is an element of having to run on a camber, which I didn’t really enjoy.


It’s all on grass, so I would say weather dependent. I ran in trainers on a lovely sunny summer’s day.


Run Britain rankings for UK parkruns places Eastleigh as 593rd fastest out of 706. It has a total elevation of 48 metres.

Fun Factor

It’s 3 times round a field. A bit repetitive and with any multiple lap route, fast runners lapping slow runners can lead to some jostling. Looking back, I only took one photograph, which probably sums it up…

Nearby Attractions

We ran Eastleigh en route to somewhere else. I’m not sure there’s much that would warrant staying any longer in Eastleigh.


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