Guildford Parkrun Guide

Guildford parkrun takes place at 9 am on Saturdays at Stoke Park on the outskirts of Guildford, across the road from Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex.

Love Guildford
Love Guildford

Getting There

By car, Guildford is easily accessed via the A3. Exit the A3 onto the A25 and drive for 1.5 miles until you reach Guilford Spectrum. By train, Stoke Park is 1.5 miles from Guildford Station or a mile from London Road Station. Buses 6,18 and 715 stop nearby.


There is a large (1000 space) free car park at Guildford Spectrum. It is usually easy to park here, although it can get very crowded if there’s an event taking place at the Leisure Complex. There is also limited parking at the Wey Valley Bowls Café, which is adjoining the park and does an excellent breakfast.


There are toilets in the park close to the start (rugby changing rooms at Burchatts Farm).


The course consists of two laps of the park, heading out along the grass and back along a paved path. It is, what the organisers describe, as ‘relatively undulating’. I’m not sure what they’re relating it to – it’s hilly.

Guildford Parkrun Strava Segment
Guildford Parkrun Strava Segment


A mix of grass and tarmac.


When we went, the ground was like a quagmire and very slippery, so I would say trail if it’s been raining. I wore trail and then when reached the tarmac section, ran on the grass next to it.

Guildford parkrun
Guildford parkrun


Run Britain rankings for UK parkruns places Guildford as 474th fastest out of 706. It has a total elevation of 53 metres.

Fun Factor

It was a bit too steep and slippery for my liking, but I enjoyed catching up with friends and the breakfast after, which made it all worthwhile.

Guildford parkrun
Guildford parkrun

Nearby Attractions

Guildford is a surprisingly nice town to spend some time exploring. It has a pedestrian precinct with shops, old buildings and public art. It also has a castle set in a pleasant park.

Guildford Castle
Guildford Castle

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