USA Travel Diary Day 13 – Honolulu to San Francisco

Banyan on Waikiki Beach

Today will mostly be taken up with travel. We just have enough time for one last walk along the strip. Preparations are ongoing for the weekend’s Honolulu marathon. We (I) play a very judgmental game of ‘here for the marathon/not here for the marathon’ with passers-by. Daughter no 1 says I’m a troll, then promptly joins in…

Giant snail
Giant snail

Then it’s time to check out and head for the airport. Google maps suggests that instead of catching the bus (20) which actually goes in to airport and takes 73 minutes, we catch a bus (42) that passes nearby the airport and takes 60 minutes, leaving us with a ‘4 minute walk’ to the terminal, and is therefore, allegedly, quicker. We fall for it and catch the No 42. Once off the bus, we have to cross two freeways, walk round the airport perimeter road, which really isn’t designed for pedestrians, then the full length of 2 multi storey car parks before we reach the terminal. It has taken a 20 minute walk, in the traffic, in the heat to finally reach the terminal building, right next to the No 20 bus stop!

Honolulu airport
Our airport walk – thanks Google!

Once we reach the airport, the remainder of the journey goes smoothly. Unlike on the outward journey, nobody is interested in our vaccine passports at check in, or at the gate. In fact, the only time we have to show them is in the café to buy chips.

Honlulu airport mask sign
Honolulu Airport

We board the plane – this time we are on Hawaiian Airlines which is very pleasant; a perfect trio of seat back entertainment, cheese sandwiches and rum punch make the journey (literally) fly by. They even demonstrate the emergency exits with a hula dance. In fact, I’m a little disappointed when it’s time to land and I don’t get to watch the end of my film. We pick up our hire car and return to Palo Alto for one last weekend with daughter no 2.

San Francisco Airport
San Francisco Airport

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