Costa Rica Travel Diary Day 15 – Puerto Jimenez

I wake at 6 am – rush hour in Puerto Jiménez as planes and 4x4s ferry visitors to and from the National Park. I get up and prepare breakfast; as we have a kitchenette, I’m going to try cooking plantain. At least, I think it’s plantain – as the Spanish for plantain is plátano, and the Spanish for banana is also plátano, there’s a 50% chance I’m cooking plantain.

Plantain for breakfast

We don’t have much planned for today; we have aborted our original plan to visit Corcovado National Park as it would have cost $85 each for the opportunity of a long off road drive (check) to hike for several hours in the heat and humidity (check) to possibly see some wild animals (check). So instead, a quiet morning. The old man plays candy crush while I take my book to the pool.

Making friends at the pool

In the afternoon, we attempt a walk along what probably used to be a lovely prom to an area of mangroves where you can see caiman. However, it’s so hot and humid we give up and return to the hotel to cool down.

Puerto Jimenez prom

We decide to take one of the hotel kayaks for a spin instead. We initially paddle past the dock towards the aforementioned mangroves, but it’s a double kayak and the old man has a history of capsizing. I panic at the thought of capsizing in crocodile infested waters and we turn and paddle round the bay instead, watching the sun set as we go.

Puerto Jimenez dock

After dinner, I have a fun evening hand washing underwear as there is no laundry in Puerto Jiménez. The sink is on the balcony which contains one dim light and two powerful lights. The powerful lights are motion sensitive, so the only way I can see what I’m doing is to constantly rock from side to side. I manage to get my pants clean before I get too dizzy. Then it’s time to try and sleep whilst the unidentified creatures scurry over the bedroom roof.

Our apartment at Cabinas Jimenez from the Gulf

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