Costa Rica Travel Diary Day 16 – Puerto Jimenez

It’s our third and final day in Puerto Jiménez. I’m not sure if I love or hate it here, but with hindsight, two days would have sufficed. The all pervasive dust is giving me a sore throat and headache. I’ve done a lateral flow test as I know a sore throat can be a symptom of Covid. It’s a test I brought with me – there are no medical facilities in Puerto Jiménez. In fact, the welcome pack in our room suggests that in the event of an emergency, we contact the vet! Yes really. The first night I felt unwell and took a covid test (which was negative). The next night was worse. I assume it must be because the room smells of mould.

Breakfast on the balcony

We get up and go through the list of possibilities for today; on the agenda was a drive further along the golf to see some beaches and waterfalls. But it’s 22 miles – all of them off road and we’ve had our fill of bumping around in the dust. Besides, we can see a beach without leaving our cabin.

Macaws passing by

So we opt for a quiet day. The old man can get on with the important business of crushing that candy. I have a sofa on the balcony overlooking the ocean and a row of almond trees frequented by macaws, a book and a pool. And some mojitos – good for the throat!

Medicinal Mojitos

In the afternoon we go for another kayak around the bay. Then a trip to the supermarket for dinner rounds off our final night in Puerto Jiménez.

Warning sign – weight


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