Costa Rica Travel Diary Day 22 – San Jose (La Sabana)

It’s release day and we’re going to the park. After breakfast, I put on my shoes – they feel weird – I haven’t worn shoes in a while! We catch an Uber to La Sabana Park. La Sabana was San José’s original airport, but is now a park and home to the National Stadium. The former terminal building has become an art gallery.

La Sabana Park

We take a stroll round the park and round off with a visit to the gallery; Museum of Costa Rican Art. Entry is free, if a little fiddly as you have to complete an online questionnaire first, and it takes a while for the wifi to load. I have a slight panic on entering the museum when the security guard produces a thermometer, but I pass. Its official; I’m (a) Covid free and (b) not hot!

Museo de Arte Costarricense

In addition to picture galleries, the walls of what was once the VIP lounge (the Golden Room), are covered with a 150 square metre bronze mural depicting the history of Costa Rica. Apparently it was supposed to “offer travellers a private and inviting space whose walls informed them, in an artistic and educational way, of events in the history of Costa Rica”.

Museo de Arte Costarricense – Golden Room

Outside is a sculpture garden (who doesn’t love a sculpture garden?) with some interesting pieces.

Museo de Arte Costarricense – Sculpture Garden

My overall favourites are the sculptures of Leda Astorga; I’m sure there’s a much more artistic way to interpret her genre, but basically her work depicts fat people having a good time!

When we emerge from the gallery, it’s all kicking off outside with a big political rally, both on the streets and with dozens of cars adorned with flags parading round the roads. We call an Uber, which fails to make it through the rally and cancels. Eventually, a second car comes and takes us back to the hotel.

Museo de Arte Costarricense – Covid self portrait

After lunch, time for a quick swim/sunbathe (working on that Covid tan). After my swim, I exit the pool next to where I thought I’d left my flip flops, but there’s no sign of them. After looking in all sorts of obvious and weird places, I eventually text the old man (back in the room playing candy crush) and ask him to bring my trainers. I’m totally confused. Since I had Covid, I’ve had a bout of brain fog. I feel rather discombobulated, my flip flops have disappeared, despite the fact I have been alone all afternoon. Eventually, we find them floating upside down in the pool; the soles are grey and there are tiles missing from the pool floor exposing grey cement, thus the flip flops were camouflaged. Relieved that I (a) am not going mad and (b) haven’t lost the flip flops (which if we’re honest, I’ve kind of borrowed from my daughter), I return to the room to shower, eat dinner and Google Covid brain fog – apparently it’s not uncommon. Who knew? Obviously not me!

Museo de Art Costarricense

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