The Great Field parkrun

The Great Field parkrun Poundbury

Today, we ran a recently started local(ish) parkrun in Poundbury, on the outskirts of Dorchester, The Great Field parkrun.


The event takes place at The Great Field in Poundbury, a new town built on Duchy of Cornwall land, following Prince Charles’ principals on urban planning. The The Great Field, is like an old style village green and is the focal point of the area, so easy to locate. Parking is available around the edges of the field and is free.

The Great Field parkrun Poundbury
The Great Field


There are toilets in the Pavilion in the Park, located next to the start. They’re very clean – probably the nicest toilets I’ve encountered in a park. There are only two toilets, so a bit of queuing was involved, which meant I missed the first timers’ briefing. There is a cafe in the pavilion for post run drinks and snacks.

Pavilion in the Park Poundbury
Pavilion in the Park


The course consists of three and a half circuits of The Great Field on, what is described on the website as a ‘medium elevation route’. It’s actually not as hilly as I’d anticipated, although the field itself is fairly elevated and exposed, so it’s quite windy. As it’s laps, there’s one side which requires running into the wind, which was fierce enough to make my eyes water.

The Great Field parkrun Strava
The Great Field parkrun Strava


Most of the route is on prepared paths, with a short section of tarmac and a short section on the grass. On the uphill section, there a few drainage channels cut into the path, which needed to be stepped over.

Parkrun start the Great Field Poundbury
Parkrun start


Run Britain rankings for UK parkruns puts The Great Field at 249th fastest parkrun out of 706. It has a total elevation of 37 metres.

The Great Field Poundbury
The Great Field

Fun Factor

Although it consists of three loops, which is a bit repetitive, I really enjoyed today’s run. The area is well maintained and its elevated position means you get great views of Dorset to enjoy as you run. Also super friendly – I made lots of new friends in the toilet queue.

Pavilion in the Park Poundbury

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