100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 7 – Selfie Wall Trail

Bournemouth prom spans 7 miles, running from Southbourne in the east to Sandbanks in the west. In the summer of 2018, a Selfie Wall Trail of 11 murals by 7 local artists was introduced. Most can still be seen if you take a walk/cycle along the prom.  (Note that cycling is not permitted between 10-6 in July and August).

Beach Fox

  • Location – Southbourne Beach
  • Artist – Owain Nicholls

This fox with attitude was the first mural in the trail. One of two works created by Bournemouth Arts University graduate Owain Nicholls, it has been removed due to construction work. But here he is in all his lolly licking glory.

Selfie Wall Trail Beach Fox - Owain Nicholls
Beach Fox – Owain Nicholls

Role Reversal

  • Location – Bottom of Fisherman’s Walk
  • Artist – LucanArt

At the bottom of the Fisherman’s Walk zigzag, you can find Miroslav Lucan’s ‘Role Reversal’. Here, a fish is going fishing, giving passers-by the opportunity to get hooked.

Selfie Wall Trail Role Reversal- LucanArt
Role Reversal – LucanArt

Pick Me

  • Location – Prom Diner
  • Artist – Lewis Sutherland

‘Pick Me’ is in Boscombe on the wall of the Prom Diner. Painted by Lewis Sutherland (aka Smilinlewie), it depicts an excited child trying to win a toy at an amusement arcade. Unfortunately, it tends to get a bit hidden behind the bins.

Selfie Wall Trail Pick Me - Lewis Sutherland
Pick Me – Lewis Sutherland

Fragments of Time

  • Location – Arch next to Harry Ramsden’s
  • Artist – Dario Vargas

Just before Bournemouth, next to Harry Ramsden’s, you can find ‘Fragments of Time’. Created by Columbian Dario Vargas, it is his interpretation of the classis angel wings selfie wall.

Selfie Wall Trail Fragments of Time - Dario Vargas
Fragments of Time – Dario Vargas

When I stopped to take a picture, a woman came over to tell me that she thought she shared the same aura as the artist. Her scarf certainly seemed to match his colour palette!

Selfie Wall Trail Fragments of Time - Dario Vargas
Fragments of Time

Floating Love

  • Location – Bournemouth Pier East
  • Artist – Altr-Ego

You will need to walk along the pier to spot the next two murals. Note: the pier is free in summer and costs £1.30 in summer (4th April until 28th October 2022).

‘Floating Love’ is on the east side. I love these beautiful butterflies created by Ian Alexander (aka Altr-Ego). The 3D effect is produced by painting directly onto aluminium with a mixture of diamond dust, oils, acrylics and gold leaf.

Selfie Wall Trail Floating Love - Altr Ego
Floating Love – Altr Ego
Selfie Wall Trail Floating Love - Altr Ego
Floating Love – Altr Ego

The £99 Flake

  • Location – Bournemouth Pier West
  • Artist – Krisha Malla (Tech Moon)

On the west side of the pier is Tech Moon’s giant ice cream. It can get a bit obscured as the area is also used for storage.

Selfie Wall Trail The £99 Flake  - Tech Moon
The £99 Flake – Tech Moon

Take me to the Stars

  • Location – Happyland Amusements
  • Artist – Miroslav Lucan (LucanArt)

Just past Bournemouth pier is Happylands Amusements. Here, you can find another LucanArt mural with an astronaut peeking out of his rocket.

Selfie Wall Trail Into the Stars - LucanArt
Into the Stars – LucanArt

La Playa

  • Location – under the arches at Alum Chine
  • Artist – Ricky Also

Behind six arches at Alum Chine, you can find ‘La Playa’ by Ricky Also of Poole based Paint Shop Studio.

This photo was taken by a friend, when we decided it would be a good idea to follow the selfie wall trail and buy a bottle wine to drink en route in a kind of art pub crawl. Needless to say, this was post wine! If you fancy a fun day walking along the prom, admiring the art and taking blurry photos, there’s a Tesco Express just past the end of the prom in Sandbanks. Note: these arches are currently boarded up due to structural issues.

Selfie Wall Trail La Playa- Ricky Also
La Playa – Ricky Also


  • Location – Branksome Chine
  • Artist – Altr-Ego

‘Follow your Dreams’, the second work by Altr-Ego is at the bottom of Branksome Chine. This fish (well, dolphin) seemed to perfectly fit my bicycle.

Selfie Wall Trail Freedom- Altr Ego
Freedom – Altr Ego

Hungry Shark

  • Location – Branksome
  • Artist – Owain Nicholls

Also in Branksome you will find the Owain Nicholls’ ‘Hungry shark’. Enough to put you off going in the water!

Selfie Wall Trail Hungry Shark - Owain Nicholls
Hungry Shark – Owain Nicholls

The Owl

  • Location – Shore Road, Sandbanks
  • Artist – Tech Moon

At the end of the prom, on the toilets in Shore Road, Sandbanks, you can find Krishna Malla (aka Tech Moon)’s striking ‘The Owl’ and ‘The Pussycat’.

Selfie Wall Trail The Owl- Tech Moon
The Owl – Tech Moon

The Pussycat

  • Location – Shore Road, Sandbanks
  • Artist – Krisha Malla (Tech Moon)
Selfie Wall Trail The Pussycat- Tech Moon
The Pussycat- Tech Moon

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