100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 19 – Park Yoga

Covid Day 6 and finally a negative test and I am released from self isolation. Sunday used to be Long Run Day, but as I am out of breath just putting my pants on, a run isn’t on the cards just yet. Instead, a gentle 10 minute walk to the local park for some Park Yoga.

Park Yoga takes place at several parks throughout the Bournemouth area. Organised by Park Yoga; Bournemouth Central Gardens (9.30), Slades Park (9.30), The Quomps Christchurch (9.30) and Upton Country Park (9.30). Organised by The Parks Foundation; Shelley Park (10.00).

Park Yoga is a charity that provides free outdoor yoga sessions on Sunday mornings at parks around the UK during the summer months (May to September). The Parks Foundation is a charity devoted to enhancing Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole’s parks and green spaces for everyone to enjoy. All classes are free, but a donation to the respective charity is encouraged.

Shelley Park

I have tried yoga before, not successfully; my daughter and I attended a rather cliquey class, where the instructor stood at the front calling out the moves and when we didn’t know what to do, those around sniggered and gave us disparaging glances, so we did a runner. Unfortunately, we forgot we had left our shoes in the gym and had to run back in, claim our shoes and do a second runner. Park Yoga sessions are advertised as being suitable for beginners of all ages and abilities, so I’m going to give it another try. One thing’s for sure – if it goes badly, I certainly won’t be able to do a runner!

Yoga in Shelley Park

I have chosen Shelley Park for my first class. Shelley Park is in Boscombe, in the grounds of Shelley Manor. The Manor was built for Percy Florence Shelley, son of Mary Shelley the author of Dracula. Worried about his mother’s ailing health, Percy thought living by sea would be good for. Unfortunately, she died before the house was complete.

Yoga in Shelley Park

For a cold, windy day, attendance is much higher than I’d expected. This time, the instructor is much more explainey (not a word, I know) and leads the moves with explanations. Just the the gentle return to exercise I need after my own bout of illness. A walk home along the cliff tops rounds off a pleasant morning excursion. Next week, I may be back, I may try a class in a different park, decisions, decisions…

Shelley Park

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