100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 22 – Escape Room

Today’s activity was selected by my niece, who decided she wanted to do an Escape Room for her birthday. So, in a slight change of format, today’s post will be minimal on details, as that kind of defeats the object of an Escape Room.

To be honest, it’s not a topic I know much about, but a quick Google search show me that Bournemouth does, in fact, have 12 real life escape rooms, plus one venue which provides a further 16 Virtual Reality escape rooms. Who knew? They cover a broad spectrum of difficulty and theme from trying to rescue a scared animal to trying to escape a deranged cannibal.

We chose Clue HQ. The kids had previously tried (and enjoyed) Cell Block C, so this time they went for Bunker 38. It was necessary to solve a range of puzzles in order to make their escape and they managed it in the nick of time, with a mere three seconds to spare. And I thought teenagers knew everything?

So, without giving anything away, here are the Escape Rooms based in Bournemouth:

Clue HQ

Duration60 minutes
Cost per person£18-£25

Based in central Bournemouth, there are three different escape rooms on offer. The cost depends on the number of players, ranging from £25 per person for two players to £18 per person for a group of six.

Bunker 38

In Bunker 38, you have been living in an underground bunker due to a radiation leak. You only have 60 minutes to leave before you run out of air…

Escape from Bunker 38

Cell Block C

You have been framed for a crime you didn’t commit with no chance of proving your innocence. You have 60 minutes to escape from your cell or face life behind bars…

The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun

The long lost tomb of Cluetankhamun has been discovered and a group of explorers was sent to recover the Cluetan Crystal. You have lost contact with them, so a new team must go in search of the crystal…


Players2-7 (2-4 for Psycho Surgeon Escape)
Duration60 minutes
Cost per person£22.50-£25

Another Escape Room in central Bournemouth is U-Escape which provides three different rooms where a series of physical and mental challenges must be carried out in order to escape. The price is £22.50 per person during the week or £25 at weekends.

Barber Shop Mystery

In 1930’s New York, a Back Street Barber Shop has been under police surveillance. Strange opening hours, unusual clientele, missing police officers. Something doesn’t add up. Is there more to this Shop than meets the eye? Difficulty is described as 4/5 and the success rate is 76%.

Psycho Surgeon Escape

“You awake with a start from a horrific dream. A psychotic surgeon…rusty scalpels…blood. Your eyes adjust to the dark. What the… Is that an operating table? Your mission – Escape to safety before the nightmare really begins.” Difficulty is described as 4/5 and the success rate is 76%.


“It’s time the world knew the true identity of the world-renown anonymous graffiti artist FRANKSY.” Difficulty is described as 5/5 and the success rate is 53%.

MARVO Mysteries

Players2-8 (minimum 3 at weekends)
Duration60 minutes
Cost per person£25-£28

MARVO Mysteries in Boscombe offers just one game, but has three copies, thus giving larger groups the opportunity to compete against each other. The cost is £25 per person during the week and £28 at weekends.

M.A.R.V.O. Induction

“You enter the world of M.A.R.V.O as Volunteers looking to recover a Mysterious Artifact, all is not what it seems. Old stories and books give a glimpse into another world, a mirror world, a wonderland filled with powerful Artifacts. Has someone found a way to travel between them? You must search for clues, solve the mystery, recover the Artifact and try to escape”. Described as ‘difficult’, the success rate is 41%.

The Lockey

Duration60 minutes (80 minutes for Hannibal)
Cost per person£26-£28

The Lockey is based at two locations in central Bournemouth. It offers three actual Escape Rooms, ranging in difficulty and scariness. It also provides Virtual Reality Escape Rooms at a third location. The price is £26 per person, with Hannibal being £28. There is the option to purchase a half price pass.

Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura is the easiest challenge and suitable for children age 12+. Ace Ventura has asked his followers to help him find and rescue a scared bat or risk being trapped in the jungle while war breaks out. This room is located in Yelverton Road.

Case Number 47

Described as ‘semi challenging’. You are an MI6 Agent who has been working on Case 47 for 12 months, can you finally solve it? This room is located in The Triangle.


Described as both ‘challenging’ and ‘a little scary’, you have 80 minutes to escape before you become dinner for Hannibal Lector. This room is located in The Triangle.

VR Technology

Duration30-60 minutes
Cost per person£35

Also offered by The Lockey, in a separate location at Richmond Gardens is Centre VR. Here, they offer a selection of 16 Virtual Reality Escape Room adventures. There is a diverse range of scenarios from playing croquet with Alice in Wonderland to a sabotaged space station to trying to rescue Chernobyl to being trapped in the ‘most scary’ House of Fear.


Players2-6 (2-10 for Crematorium)
Duration30-60 minutes
Cost per person£25-28

Ouija offers two different ‘immersive horror-themed escape experiences’. The rooms are in Winton, approximately 1 mile north of Bournemouth. The cost is £25 during the week and £28 at weekends.


Ouija aren’t giving much away, other than that it’s scary. Note, if one person leaves the game, you have to forfeit and everyone must leave.


Again, Ouija aren’t giving much away, other than that it’s scary. A recent review on Trip Advisor gave it 5/5, then went on the say it made him pee his pants. Whatever turns you on….


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