100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 32 – Bournemouth Bus Rally

Today I am going to Bournemouth Bus Rally. I’ve seen this event in the past, with all the buses parked up in my local park, but never actually gone to investigate further.

Old bus

This annual event takes place in Kings Park, Boscombe from 10 am to 5 pm. It is advertised as free entry. According to the flyer there will be free heritage rides, stalls and souvenir programmes. And buses, of course.

New bus

Basically, it’s a load of buses in a field. Some are just to look at, but others are taking visitors out and about for rides round Bournemouth. There’s no prior information about what routes are operating and when, so I guess it’s just a case of turn up and get on a bus. Which I thought was a bit strange for transport nerds. Aren’t they into timetables and such like?

Small buses

I turn up at the field full of buses. Entry is free, as advertised. However, unlike the advertised information, I am told at the gate that I cannot take a bus ride without buying a programme, which costs £5. In addition, it turns out that bus nerds like their financial transactions the way they like their buses – old fashioned i.e. cash. I remember cash, I last used it in 2019, so am a little disappointed that I can’t go on a bus, because I don’t have any cash. Flashing your Apple Wallet App at a bus rally doesn’t get you very far…

Model buses

So I have to make do with wandering around the field looking at the old buses, which is, apparently a serious business. Upon arrival, I hear the following conversation between a child and his father:

Child: “Can’t we do something fun?”

Dad: “We’re not here to have fun, we’re here to look at buses.”

Bus mascot

So I take a serious wander round the field of old buses. Take some photos of said old buses. And go home again. On my bike, which is a lot less polluting than riding round Bournemouth for no reason spouting diesel into the environment.

Old buses

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