100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 53 – Fireworks

Bournemouth Friday Fireworks

Every Friday in August sees a free firework display take place on Bournemouth sea front. Visible from pretty much anywhere along the beach or cliff top, it takes place at 10 pm. Just follow the crowds heading for the coast ‘Pied Piper’ style to enjoy the show. This year’s displays will take place on August 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th.

Bournemouth Fireworks
Bournemouth Fireworks

Air Display Fireworks

In addition to the August displays, there are also fireworks at 10 pm, on the Friday and Saturday of the air display. This year, dates are Friday September 2nd (Boscombe Pier) and Saturday 3rd (Bournemouth Pier).

Bournemouth Fireworks
Bournemouth Fireworks

These displays takes place after the dusk air show, which also contains fireworks, as Otto the Helicopter hovers over the bay discharging his load.

Otto the Helicopter Fireworks
Otto the Helicopter Fireworks

Poole Thursday Fireworks

In Poole, the firework action takes place on Thursdays. Displays will be at 10 pm on 21st and 28th July plus 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th August on the quayside. In addition to fireworks, there will be music, street entertainers and fairground rides available in the build up.

Firework Display
Firework Display

Firework Cruise

For a great view of the fireworks, City Cruises offer a Firework Cruise. Departing at 8.30, you can enjoy the fireworks from the vantage of Poole Harbour, whilst taking advantage of the boat’s licences bar. The cruise costs £15 for adults.

Poole Fireworks
Poole Fireworks

Christchurch Carnival

If that isn’t sufficient summer firework action, Christchurch Carnival has its own display on Saturday 13th August, which takes place at 9 pm on the quayside.

Full disclosure; I meant to go to the first firework display of the season in Bournemouth on Friday, but wine was drunk beforehand and I didn’t quite make it. Managing instead, to fall asleep, then be woken at 10 pm and wonder what all the bloody banging was? So I borrowed some photos off the internet. Next week, I will try to stay awake…


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