USA Day 11 – Temecula

Friday 30 December 2022

Harveston Lake

Daughter no 2 wants to go for a run this morning, so we drive to Harveston Lake. This pretty little lake has a 0.8 mile long walking/jogging trail round the perimeter. So, daughter no 2 can run four laps, while I jog three laps and the old man walks two laps, all ending up at roughly the same place at the same time.

Running round Harveston Lake

Wilson Creek Winery

Temecula is set in a valley surrounded by grapevines, so today we select one of the many wineries in the area for a tasting session. We choose Wilson Creek Winery where, for $20, you can get six tasters of any wines of your choice from their menu.

Wilson Creek Winery

The choices are red wine, white wine or a variety of flavoured sparkling wines, such as Orange Mimosa, watermelon and Limoncello. There’s even a red wine with added chocolate. Weird and not altogether pleasant.

Wilson Creek Winery

After a prolonged argument about daughter no 2’s age and the validity of a British driving licence as a form of ID, they eventually agree to serve her and wee can set about selecting our six wine samples. The old man is driving, so just generally paces and moans about the lack of provision for designated drivers.

Wilson Creek Winery

We stop on the way home to purchase a bottle of wine for the evening at supermarket prices, then return to the house, for a relaxing sunset soak in the hot tub, which comes complete with colour changing lights.

Relaxing in the hot tub

I say relaxing; in reality, once I climb into the hot tub, the dog steals my clothes…

Cooling off in the pool

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