USA Day 15 – San Diego

Tuesday 3 January 2023


It’s our last full day in California and we had planned a day trip to sunny San Diego. Only it’s not sunny, it’s raining. Again. So we abort our original plans in favour of a shopping trip, where we can at least keep dry.

Raining again

Promenade Temecula

So we drive into town to Promenade Temecula, which is the most enormous shopping mall I’ve ever experienced. It contains over 160 units, including several department stores.

Promenade Temecula

We don’t even cover a fraction, but end up walking five miles. It’s not the most successful of trips, but by the end of the morning we have amassed a Mickey Mouse babygrow, a haircut (daughter no 2) and sore feet (me).

Promenade Temecula

The old man opts to spend the morning sitting in the foyer playing games on his phone.

Are we having fun yet?

After a quick stop for groceries, we return to rescue the dog, who has been out in the rain all morning. It’s not that he doesn’t have anywhere to shelter; more that he’s stupid.

Rainy afternoon in Temecula

Finally, the rain subsides and we can spend one last evening relaxing and drinking Californian wine in the colour changing hot tub. Tomorrow sees the end of our Californian Christmas and we must clean the house and depart for our respective airports for our onwards journeys.


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