• Sarajevo 2 Day Itinerary

    Sarajevo 2 Day Itinerary

    We spent two days in Sarajevo as part of a Balkan road trip, stopping on the way into the city at Jablanica and the Tunnel Museum. Jablanica is around 50 miles south west of Sarajevo. If you’re passing, it makes an interesting stop. If not, it’s probably not worth a detour. The Tunnel Museum is…

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina 2018

    Bosnia & Herzegovina 2018

    Balkans Day 9 – Mostar 19th September 2018 After a breakfast of cherry and sour cream croissants, we head down the 247 steps (who’s counting?) from our hotel to the car park and set forth for the Bosnian border and Mostar. I know three things about Mostar; (1) it has a famous Old Bridge (2)…

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