• Parkrun Guides

    Parkrun Guides

    In 2021, I notched up my 250th parkrun. So far, I’ve run over 60 different parkrun events in 12 different countries. Shortly before the event, I am usually to be found scouring the internet for the answers to the same few questions; what footwear do I need? How much time do I need to factor…

  • Horinouchi Park Parkrun Guide

    Horinouchi Park Parkrun Guide

    Horinouchi Park parkrun takes place in Horinouchi Park, Matsuyama every Saturday at 8 am. The park lies inside the moat around the base of Matsuyama Castle, which looms over the town from atop Mount Katsuyama. Getting There Matsuyama is in the north west of Shikoku, Japan’s third largest island, around 50 miles south of Hiroshima.…

  • Japan Day 16 – Hiroshima

    Japan Day 16 – Hiroshima

    Saturday 21 January 2023 Today we are heading for Hiroshima. Having studied history at university, I am always fascinated to visit places where things happened which shape the world we live in. Even if those things were terrible like in Auschwitz or Chernobyl or indeed Hiroshima. If we don’t learn from the past, how will…

  • Japan Day 11 – Kyoto

    Japan Day 11 – Kyoto

    Monday 16th January 2023 Today is our last day in Kyoto before setting off on our epic train adventure and we have saved Kyoto’s most popular attraction until last. Suitable fuelled with egg mayonnaise and chicken teriyaki sandwiches, we set off for Fushimi Inari Taisha. Fushimi Inari Taisha We take the train to Fushimi Inari…

  • Hikarigaokakoen Parkrun Guide

    Hikarigaokakoen Parkrun Guide

    Hikarigaokakoen parkrun takes place every Saturday at 8 am in Hikarigaoka Park on the outskirts of Tokyo. The park is around 8 miles north of central Tokyo. Getting There Th start is a ten minute from Hikarigaoka Station, which is on the Oedo Metro Line, so can be reached directly from Shinjuku Station. We boarded…

  • USA Day 5 – Palo Alto

    USA Day 5 – Palo Alto

    Saturday 24 December 2022 No blog yesterday as I have been laid low with flu for the past couple of days. The others went to San Jose and I really wanted to go with them, but once I got out of bed, I started shivering violently and couldn’t stop. So daughter no 2 sent me…

  • Byxbee Park parkrun Guide

    Byxbee Park parkrun Guide

    Byxbee Park parkrun, Palo Alto, California

  • Milan 2 Day Itinerary

    Milan 2 Day Itinerary

    We went to Milan for the weekend just to do parkrun. Basically, we found ourselves in Switzerland, as we had transported some equipment our daughter needed for an experiment. But they don’t do parkrun in Switzerland. So on Friday, we jumped into our (her) hired van and drove to Italy. Itinerary Day 1 Drive to…

  • 100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 76 – Run Bournemouth

    100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 76 – Run Bournemouth

    Run Bournemouth is a series of running races over a variety of distances which takes place annually in early October. On Saturday, there are children’s races in the afternoon with distances from 1 kilometre to 5 kilometres, depending on age. This is followed by the Supernova 5k in the evening. On Sunday, there is the…

  • Brockenhurst parkrun guide

    Brockenhurst parkrun guide

    One of the most scenic parkruns we’ve done is Brockenhurst parkrun. During the winter months, the event takes place at 9 am on Saturdays at Wilverley Inclosure in the New Forest National Park. Getting There The start/finish are just inside the entrance (Kissing Gate) to the Inclosure adjacent to Wilverley Plain car park, just off…

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