• Parkrun Guides

    Parkrun Guides

    In 2021, I notched up my 250th parkrun. So far, I’ve run over 60 different parkrun events in 12 different countries. Shortly before the event, I am usually to be found scouring the internet for the answers to the same few questions; what footwear do I need? How much time do I need to factor…

  • USA Day 5 – Palo Alto

    USA Day 5 – Palo Alto

    Saturday 24 December 2022 No blog yesterday as I have been laid low with flu for the past couple of days. The others went to San Jose and I really wanted to go with them, but once I got out of bed, I started shivering violently and couldn’t stop. So daughter no 2 sent me…

  • Byxbee Park parkrun Guide

    Byxbee Park parkrun Guide

    Byxbee Park parkrun, Palo Alto, California

  • USA Travel Diary Day 15 – Palo Alto to London

    USA Travel Diary Day 15 – Palo Alto to London

    Today is our last day in sunny California and it’s going to be a long one – or is it? Our boarding passes state ‘seats to be allocated at gate’. We shall have to wait until we reach the airport before we find out if we get to spend all night on a plane or…

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