• Minsk 2 Day Itinerary

    Minsk 2 Day Itinerary

    We spent a week in Belarus, starting with two days in the capital, Minsk. It is a fairly compact city, so we did all our sightseeing on foot. From Minsk, we continued to the spectacular castles of Mir and Nesvizh, which are 60 and 68 miles south west of from Minsk respectively. If you don’t…

  • Belarus 2019

    Belarus 2019

    Belarus Day 1 – Bournemouth to Minsk 7th October 2019 It’s time for a little trip. We usually go away in October and in recent years have been to Mexico, Cuba, Israel, Greece and Turkey – all places which delay the inevitability of having to deal with the cold, damp British Autumn. This year, as…

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