• Quito 6 Day Itinerary

    Quito 6 Day Itinerary

    Quito was our final stop on a three month South American adventure. We spent a total of 6 days in the city, although in reality, they weren’t consecutive as we took a trip to the Amazon after day 2. If you don’t have 6 days, skip the Tren de los Volcanes; it was fun, but…

  • Ecuador 2019

    Ecuador 2019

    South America Day 61 – Quito 10th March 2019 Another interrupted night due to:1 am – old man returning from his trip.4 am – text from daughter number one. Both my daughters have A level maths but neither seem able to calculate time zones.2.30-6.30 am – getting up to check on daughter number two’s progress…

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