• Suva 1 Day Itinerary

    Suva 1 Day Itinerary

    We spent a week on Fuji’s main island (Viti Levu) as part of a 3 month round the world tour. As it was sandwiched between some hard core sightseeing in California and New Zealand, we were mainly there for some R&R. We did, however, manage to drag ourselves from our sunloungers by our private pool…

  • Fiji 2018

    Fiji 2018

    RTW Day 15 – This day does not exist 2nd March 2018 Our flight from LA to Nadi crosses the International Date Line. We depart the US on Thursday and arrive in Fiji on Saturday. For us, Friday 2nd March does not exist. It’s a weird concept to get your head around. Look at the…

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