101 Things to do in Bournemouth – Fisherman’s Walk Beach

Southbourne may only be small, with a population of around 19,000 people. But this genteel suburb three miles east of Bournemouth boasts two Blue Flag Beaches. Fisherman’s Walk Beach is easy to reach from Southbourne via Fisherman’s Walk; a pretty, tree lined park which connects the main high street (Southbourne Grove) to the clifftop.

Getting There

The A35 connects Bournemouth and Southbourne. Buses No 1 and M2 stop in the Southbourne end of Fisherman’s Walk. During the summer, the beach bus stops at the top of Fisherman’s Walk Zigzag.

Southbourne Beach - checking out the cruise ships during Lockdown
Southbourne Beach – cruise ships during Lockdown


The beach is accessed from the cliff top via Fisherman’s Walk Zigzag or from along the prom.

Fisherman’s Walk Zigzag
Fisherman’s Walk Zigzag
Cliff Lift

If mobility is an issue, or you just fancy a ride, you can travel the 39 metres from the cliff top to the prom and vice versa via the cliff lift, which has been ferrying visitors up and down to the beach since 1935. The lift costs £1.85 per journey. Weekly passes (£11.50) and annual passes (£37) are also available. The lift operates daily between Easter and October from 10 am to 5 pm. Cash is not accepted.

Fisherman’s Walk Cliff Lift
Fisherman’s Walk Cliff Lift


There is free roadside parking available on the cliff top.


The beach is predominantly sandy. There can be a bit of shingle along the shore line.

Fisherman's Walk Beach
Fisherman’s Walk Beach

Food and Drink

There is a kiosk on the beach selling snacks and beach goods. This is the only catering beachside. However, there are a couple of good options on the cliff top.

Fisherman’s Walk Kiosk
Fisherman’s Walk Kiosk
Cafe Riva

This small café with plenty of outdoor seating sells some cooked food but is primarily a place where people meet up for coffee and cake. They have an extensive range of cake, which friends tell me is very good (I’ve not tried any myself because it’s not very allergy friendly).

Cafe Riva
Cafe Riva
The Commodore

Just across the road is The Commodore Pub. This has plenty of tables inside, plus a beer garden, all with great views across the bay. It offers a typical pub grub style menu (this I have tried!) and an extensive selection of drinks. I’m currently trying to work my way through the gin menu…

The Commodore
The Commodore
Beach Barbecues

There are 3 public barbecues which are available for use from Easter until October between 10 am and 10 pm.

Fisherman’s Walk Lifeguard Tower and Barbecues
Fisherman’s Walk Lifeguard Tower and Barbecues


There are toilets at beach level and more toilets on the cliff top.

Fisherman's Walk Beach Toilets
Fisherman’s Walk Beach Toilets

Other Facilities

  • Drinking water
  • Shower
  • Beach huts
  • Deck chair hire
  • Beach office


There is an RNLI Lifeguard Station on Fisherman’s Walk Beach, which is manned from 10 am until 6 pm between 27th May and 3rd September.

For Children

There are a children’s playground and a mini golf course on the Overcliff above the beach. Mini Golf costs £3 a round (£2.50 for children). Café Riva and The Commodore offer a children’s Menu.


Dogs are not allowed on Fisherman’s Walk beach between May and September, however the area to the east, between Fisherman’s Walk and Southbourne Beaches is a year round dog friendly beach. If you like to pamper you pooch, you can order a Puppachino (an espresso sized cup full of whipped cream with a gravy bone and a doggy style flake) at Café Riva.


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