101 Things to do in Bournemouth – Durley Chine Beach

Durley Chine is the first of three Blue Flag ‘Chine’ Beaches running west from Bournemouth. A chine is a narrow ravine through the cliff formed by a river.

Durley Chine Beach from the cliff top

Getting There

Durley Chine is 0.7 miles west of Bournemouth along the Prom by foot/bike or on the land train. By road, it is 1 mile along W Cliff Road. During the summer, Breezer Buses No 70 and 80 run along the coast road and stop at Durley Chine.


During the Victorian era, when Bournemouth first became a seaside resort, several chines, which act as access points to the beach, were transformed into parks. Durley Chine is not among the chines transformed into gardens; it merely acts as a Pay & Display Car Park for the Beach. Access to the beach is either through the chine itself or via Durley Chine Steps. There is another access point between Durley Chine and Alum Chine at Middle Chine.

Middle Chine


There is a car park at Durley Chine. The car park has 131 spaces, so fills up quickly in summer. Prices are seasonal, costing £2.50 for an hour in summer or £2.10 for two hours in winter. Full details of parking fees can be found here. If you opt to walk through Durley Chine, there is free roadside parking on the cliff top.

Durley Chine


The beach is mainly sandy.

Food & Drink

There is a Harvester Pub/Restaurant (The Durley Inn) at the bottom of Durley Chine. It also has a beach kiosk selling snacks and drinks.

The Durley Inn

On the other side of the chine is Chineside beach café, which serves breakfast and lunch and has plenty of seating overlooking the beach, plus a pop up seating area on the beach. It has additional takeaway and ice cream kiosks as well as a shop selling beach goods.


There is also an ice cream kiosk on the prom at Durley Chine.


There is a toilet block on the prom and another in the Environmental Hub.

Other Facilities

  • Beach huts
  • Drinking water
  • Shower
Durley Environmental Innovation Hub

Newly opened is Durley Environmental Innovation Hub. This series of buildings provides toilets, recycling facilities, a kiosk and displays ‘focusing on the environmental impact of waste management and single use packaging on the coastal environment.’

Durley Environmental Innovation Hub


The Durley Chine Lifeguard tower is in operation from 10 am until 6 pm between 27th May and 3rd September.

Durley Chine Lifeguard Tower

Durley Chine for Children

Durley Chine offers a sandy beach with gentle slope into the sea. It is slightly removed from the main area Bournemouth, making it a little quieter and therefore a nice beach for families.


Dogs are not permitted on Durley Chine Beach between May and September. There is a dog friendly beach area just west of here at Middle Chine.

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