Pärnu in 2 Days

Pärnu is a pretty little resort town flanking the mouth of the River Pärnu where it feeds into Pärnu Bay. The area is popular for its beaches and spas. We spent two nights in Pärnu as part of our Baltic road trip, which consisted of a triangle round the north west of the country with one night in Pärnu at the beginning and another night at the end. On Day 1 we explored the waterfront and on Day 2 we took full advantage of our hotel’s spa facilities.

Getting There

Pärnu is 79 miles from the Estonian capital of Tallinn and 114 miles from the Latvian capital of Riga (all along the same road). There are regular buses between Tallinn Bus Station and Pärnu Coach Station. The journey takes under two hours and costs around €10. To Riga, the journey takes around 2.5 hours and costs in the region of €15.

Getting Around

Pärnu is a lovely place to take a stroll. Wander around the harbour, along the beaches or explore the town’s bars and restaurants.

Where we Stayed

Often when we travel, the days are packed with sightseeing and our hotel is just somewhere to sleep. But in the resort town of Pärnu, the hotel is all part of the attraction. We spent our two nights in Pärnu at two different hotels. The Pärnu Yacht Club Guest House, is on the harbourside, ideally located for exploring the area along the river and the beaches beyond. The Hestia Hotel Strand is a spa hotel overlooking the sea.


Day 1Drive to Pärnu
Accommodation – Pärnu Yacht Club Guest House
River Pärnu
Pärnu Beach
Dinner at Pärnu Yacht Club
Day 2Hestia Hotel Strand


1River Pärnu
Pärnu Beach
2Hestia Hotel Strand

Pärnu Day 1

Drive to Pärnu

We drive across the border into Estonia and on to the resort town of Pärnu. It’s an easy drive, if a little dull. I wonder how many pine trees there are in Estonia?

Welcome back to Pärnu

Accommodation – Pärnu Yacht Club Guest House

Tonight’s accommodation is in the Pärnu Yacht Club Guest House in a very nice room with an extensive nautical theme and spectacular view over the harbour.

View from Parnu Yacht Club Guest House
View from Pärnu Yacht Club Guest House

River Pärnu

We take a walk along the river, which is lined with bars, restaurants and statues. We purchase picnic supplies and continue on our walk for a picnic on the beach.

Pärnu Beach

Pärnu has a long stretch of beautiful golden beach, lined with a promenade scattered with parks, fountains and statues.

Pärnu Beach
Pärnu Beach

We find a bench on a nice secluded section of beach and settle down to eat. Part way through dinner we realise we’re actually on a female nudist beach. Poking out of various hollows in the sand dunes are an array of tits. And I don’t mean birds!

Picnic on a nudist beach

Dinner at Pärnu Yacht Club

After a lovely long walk along the beach, we return to the Yacht Club for drinks and dinner. The club has a very nice restaurant where you can dine on a terrace with spectacular views, especially as the sun sets over the water.

Parnu Yacht Club
Pärnu Yacht Club

Pärnu Day 2

Hestia Hotel Strand

We round off our Baltic adventure with a day chilling in one of Pärnu’s spa hotels. This seaside spa hotel was once the haunt of the communist apparatchik. Outside it retains its 1970s socialist concrete façade.

Hestia Hotel Strand
Hestia Hotel Strand

The interior is more welcoming. Facilities include a pool, steam sauna, Sanarium, Finnish sauna, massage pool, jacuzzi and lava stone beds. There’s also a children’s play room. All overlooking the Baltic Sea. And relax…

Hestia Hotel Strand
Hestia Hotel Strand
  • Trip Taken: September 2016
  • Updated: May 2023

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