Zielona Gora parkrun


Zielona Gora parkrun takes place in a forested area just behind Sulechowskiej Recreation and Sport Centre. It’s about 500 metres from the Sport Centre to the start. Note: Zielona Gora parkrun appears on Google Maps. Don’t try and follow this if you’re driving, as it will take you to the actual start. On a trail. In a forest. And then you look stupid in your hire car amongst the joggers. And we should know!

Zielona Gora Parkrun Start/Finish
Zielona Gora Parkrun Start/Finish


There are no facilities – it’s in the middle of a forest. There is plenty of free parking and toilets at the leisure centre.


The course consists of two loops, with an out-and-back section part way round each loop. Note: there is no marshal at the turn – you just have to look for the marker and turn around. When I ran, the lady behind me cheated, turned 200 metres early and ended up in front of me.

Zielona Gora Parkrun Strava Segment
Zielona Gora Parkrun Strava Segment


The course takes place on trails in a pine forest. It is very flat – a total elevation gain of 24 metres. However, the ground is quite soft, with the added hazard of tree roots to avoid. In some places, the ground is compacted, while in others, potholes appear to have been filled in with actual, even softer sand. Hitting these softer section can take you by surprise. I managed to get caught between the two and land on my knees. Not fun.

Post parkrun knee
Post parkrun knee


The course is fairly flat, but times were quite slow due to the terrain. That’s assuming you manage to stay upright!

Zielona Gora Out and Back Section

Fun Factor

Zielona Gora parkrun is very small, with an average turnout of just 28 finishers. The week we went, there were 21 participants, and that included 6 Brits who had turned up solely to run a parkrun beginning with Z. I fell over, so it’s safe to say the morning was not much fun. In addition, once the cheating lady had disappeared into the distance, I was alone in a forest with no other runners in sight, which was a bit scary. On the plus side, the locals were very welcoming and the Brits all went to breakfast together, which was nice.

Finish of Zielona Gora parkrun
Finish of Zielona Gora parkrun

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