100 Things to do in (and around) Bournemouth 16 – Race for Life

It’s 2-for-1 on today’s blog, as my ‘Thing’ of the day is Race for Life on Bournemouth Prom, but I’m also going to watch a friend in a weightlifting competition on the beach. Oh, and there’s powerboat racing in the bay as well, so 3-for-1 in fact.

Bournemouth Race for Life Warm up
Bournemouth Race for Life Warm up

Race for Life is a 5 km/10 km charity fundraising event in aid of Cancer Research UK which takes place in locations across the UK, including two locally; one in Poole (which also offers a Pretty Muddy event for those who don’t have an aversion to getting their trainers dirty) and one in Bournemouth.

Start of Race for Life
Start of Race for Life

After a year’s hiatus due to Covid, Bournemouth Race For life recommenced last year with a different (much hillier) route, which took me by surprise and made me rather grumpy – yes, I know it’s for charity, mate! But I am assured that this year, we’re back to the original, flat route.

It’s a great turnout, almost back to pre-pandemic levels. After a quick warm up, it’s time for the off. It’s a straightforward course; run along the prom from Bournemouth pier to Boscombe pier, turn round and run back again. It feels nice to be back in a throng of people again, and the fact that social distancing isn’t an option doesn’t bother me, which I thought it might.

Bournemouth Rock Choir
Bournemouth Rock Choir

I run to the turning point and can’t resist a brief stop by the pier where Bournemouth Rock Choir is performing. Musical interlude over, it’s time to return to the start/finish. We ran the first half with a tail wind, so on the return leg we have a head wind to contend. It’s a hot day, so I’m glad to reach the end, collect my medal and some much needed water. Then I can wait for my friends, who have opted for the 10 km, to finish.

Penny finishing the 10 km
Penny finishing the 10 km

Running complete, we walk along the prom to Who Dares Gyms; an outdoor gym on the beach run by ex Special Forces personnel. I did think of adding Who Dares Gyms as one of my 100 Things, but was too lazy to attempt a military boot camp. So instead, I’ve added it on the end of a much more sedate 5 km jog.

Who Dares Gyms

Today, the gym is hosting a UK Deadlift Competition and a friend has entered. Weightlifting is something I know nothing about and it’s fascinating to get a glimpse into somebody else’s world. It takes a while to get to grips with the rules, but luckily we’re standing next to someone who is happy to explain what’s going on. We had thought some of the ladies in the ‘Over 55’ Category looked great for their age, but apparently they compete by weight. They should introduce that in running – I’d fare much better in a heavyweight division!

Fun in the sun at Who Dares Gyms

First, the disabled category and a man attempts a seated deadlift of 460 kg. I think I must have heard that wrong – nobody can lift that much, right? It turns out they can. He attempts another, heavier, lift but fails because the bar can’t manage the weights and buckles in the middle.

460 kg Deadlift

On to the women’s category. It’s my friend’s first competition and she’s accidentally entered her PB as her starting weight. Not a problem as she lifts it with ease and goes on to add 20 kg to her PB over the next two attempts.

Deadlift Competition

A little added bonus; every now and again there is a roar from the sea as powerboats race past. It’s all going on in Bournemouth…

Powerboat Racing

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